201 CMR 17

On March 1, 2010, Massachusetts enacted one of the most stringent consumer protection regulations in the nation. 201 CMR 17 is a sweeping regulation written to ensure that personal identifying information of all Massachusetts residents is safeguarded regardless of the incorporation domicile of the record custodian. For example, if a Massachusetts resident purchases an item over the Internet, from a vendor in California, that vendor is required to comply with 201 CMR 17 or face fines and penalties should the information be compromised.

iSAFE partners specializes in the development and implementation of Written Information Security Plans ("WISP") as required under 201 CMR 17. Our trained professionals will document your business processes and develop a WISP – along with its associated ancillary policies - to ensure compliance in the event of an audit or security breach.

As with all new regulations and requirements, an entire cottage compliance industry has emerged – peddling one size fits all solutions. Don't put your trust, and your business livelihood, in the hands of a one page survey. Our fly by night competitors aren't interested in your business, they're interested in your hard earned money. iSAFE has the experience and expertise, across all areas of information security, to be your business partner. While the regulation requires compliance, your business future depends on it. Don't risk everything you've worked for by taking the easy way out. Contact iSAFE today for a free quotation. We have plans and pricing to fit every type of business and we're your one stop shop for all of your information security needs, from assessments, to technology implementations to staff training.

Please click here to read 201 CMR 17. (Adobe Acrobat Required)