Whether you're a $100 million dollar a year corporation or a small landscaping or home improvement company just starting out, you can no longer afford to ignore information security. Each and every day there are news reports about companies - both large and small - suffering security breaches. With notification laws on the books in 40 states and more stringent regulations on how to safeguard data in place in many others, including Massachusetts, you can no longer roll the dice and assume that nothing will happen. Recent statistics from the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs indicates that while 60% of information breachs are caused by those with malicious intent, about 40% are caused by simple mistakes. Implementing polices, procedures and training will minimize your risk and reduce the probability of you being found responsible should a breach occur.

iSAFE specializes in working with small to mid-size companies. Whether you have no Information Technology staff or their just too busy to manage this additional work, we'll assist you with developing a posture that will safeguard your business and minimize the risk of state or court imposed sanctions. We're not going to show up with the most advanced technology and attempt to force you to purchase it. We understand that businesses everywhere are under tremendous strain in today's economy. We have open source solutions, polices, procedures and training that will meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

Whether your a small landscaping company or a $100M operation with hundreds of employees. iSAFE has solutions that will meet your specific business needs. We treat every client the same because we recognize the risks associated with data loss. Let us be your partner in developing a plan, polices and procedures that meet your needs.